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An off-market property deal is ideal for real estate investors. Many listed properties today receive multiple offers from competing investors and it can be difficult for your offer to stand out.

Here are four ways to find off-market listings to help you acquire your next investment property (without any competing offers):

1) Snail Mail

Sending direct mail is a more traditional way to find off-market properties. The strategy involves sending out cards, fliers or letters to property owners in neighborhoods you, the investor, are interested in buying in. Some of these property owners might be interested in selling and have not acted on it, particularly owners of homes that are inherited, have short-term rentals only or similar. For this method to be effective, patience is key – as although it’s inexpensive, receiving responses may take longer.

2) Networking

The simplest way to find properties that are not listed is by word of mouth. The idea is to let family members, friends, neighbors and other real estate professionals in the area know about your interest in acquiring a property. Someone within your network might know of a property going up for sale soon or will have personally considered selling their own property at some point. There are also networking groups for real estate investors which can introduce leads on properties or advice on where to find them.

3) The Internet

The internet is a powerful property-finding tool for real estate investors, but the issue is that many people get access to the same listings. The least-saturated online listings can be found through private listing websites, social groups, and platforms with direct marketing like Facebook. Paid advertisements can be put on many of these platforms and show details to individuals considering selling their homes. Using these online resources, you can gather leads on properties that have less widespread exposure.

4) Auctions

Foreclosure auctions are the location of some of the best-priced properties on the market. These auctions occur when a homeowner forfeits on their property due to financial distress, or inability to settle loan payments. Properties sold at auctions are often priced at a discount, and some banks forgive remaining bond amounts to get the property off their books. Investors can find out about potential auctions by viewing court records for auction preceding events such as recent deaths or bankruptcies.

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