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Whether it’s your first investment property or you are an experienced Spokane investor expanding your portfolio, it’s important to network with fellow investors in order to learn investment techniques and real estate strategies. This will help you improve your overall success in real estate investing.

Being in touch with a community of real estate professionals is essential for keeping yourself motivated and learning from others’ experiences. Knowing that you have a group of like-minded individuals you can rely on whenever you have a question, need advice, or just someone to talk to about real estate also gives you peace of mind.

There are many forums out there, here are the top 5 we like:

1. BiggerPockets forum

On BiggerPockets’ forum, users can ask and answer any question about real estate investing. Many of the people writing there have years, even decades, of experience with real estate deals and can provide useful answers and advice.

There’s a broad diversity of topics that are discussed on the website. Professionals with portfolios of all sizes are welcome and the forum is a helpful resource for newcomers and experienced investors alike.

Visit BiggerPockets Forum to learn more.

2. REIclub forum

On REIclub’s active forum, real estate investors of all experience levels can discuss anything about the industry and network with each other. Anyone can ask and answer questions, talk about lease options, asset protection, bird dogs, wholesaling, financing, rehabbing, contractors, tenants, foreclosures, short sales, tax sales, tax auctions, and so on. If you’re interested in some local-based advice, partnerships, or experience exchange, you can even search on this forum for other investors in your area.

Plus, in your time off, you can use the Random Ramblings board, where you can discuss any topic that’s not related to real estate investing.

Visit REIclub Forum to learn more.

3. Connected Investors forum

On this forum, when you ask questions, not only will you get answers from seasoned investors, but you’ll also be provided with supporting articles that will help you decide if the answers are correct and how relevant they are. Besides that, you can post properties (free of charge), connect with fellow real estate investors, find off-market properties, and get deals done.

Visit Connected Investors Forum to learn more.

4. The Property Forum

The Property Forum has a lot of chat boards where experts discuss real estate investments, property development, and more. Here you’ll find answers to the most trending questions like ‘Will property prices fall in the short term?’ or ‘How do you assess BTL opportunities?’ In addition, you can follow any board that interests you and be notified whenever a new discussion or reply is posted.

Visit The Property Forum to learn more.

5. Saving Advice Forum

Saving Advice Forum’s user base mostly consists of real estate investors with investment properties or fractional ownership shares in big companies. A lot of them are happy to answer questions, give solid advice, team up with fellow professionals, and network. The most popular threads on Saving Advice are the ones where people discuss debt reduction, stocks, bonds, interest rates, CDs, and tax deductions.

Visit Saving Advice Forum to learn more.

If you’re a real estate investor in Spokane and you have either a forum or another type of resource you’d like to share, let us know. At Civic Financial Services, we’re always looking for awesome platforms that can strengthen our community.

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